Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The past 24 hours have been full of blessings:
  • I had a chance to spend a good amount of time talking to a girl friend of mine over coffee. She was gracious enough to accommodate me and the crazy demands of parenting by being willing just to come over and hang instead of asking me to meet her somewhere. It was wonderful; I was able to put kiddos to bed, do the dishes and talk about the Lord all at the same time. It was great to be encouraged in the Lord and to pray, laugh, and cry together.
  • Jesse was able to show the car to someone who seems seriously interested in purchasing it. Which means that  we may soon be able to buy something that will fit our family better. We're still praying about that.
  • The kids and I had an opportunity to meet Oliver via skype today... he's absolutely precious and I'm just dying for a chance to see him in person! He's beautiful and was so alert! He had his eyes open looking at us... so much fun.
  • Pumpkin Cookies with the kids. (We just used a sugar cookie mix, half a can of pumpkin and some chocolate chips-- of course!) I've lamented the fact that Diego was allergic to pumpkin in the past, but it appears he's outgrown it and I can't even begin to express how grateful I am to be baking with pumpkin again. It's perfectly lovely.
  • Diego says "cookery book." One of the British terms he must have picked up from the days of Thomas. 
  • We rarely watch Thomas anymore.
  • God has been moving in my husband's heart in some unexpected ways. Perhaps changing the path we walk down as a family... one I thought was pretty much set in stone. I do realize that God often moves in unexpected ways, but witnessing it so closely is always breath-taking and so full of joy and laughter. I'm always blessed to see how God is transforming some of my favorite people.
  • Another blessing, Little Man has finally fallen asleep! (He's been fighting afternoon nap.) Hopefully he'll rest for a while since he's still under the weather. We're going back to the doctor again bright and early tomorrow to hopefully find a solution to his yucky crud.
How has God been blessing you recently?

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Vivian said...

Your nephew is seriously darking. I do remember the Thomas face in my household. We still have the toys, train tables and so forth to show it. On the other hand I don't know what would be of myself if I my 2 year old stopped taking naps. I agree with what you say in how God acts in mysterious ways. If we follow him it will always be to our advantage at the long run.