Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It sometimes seems that the whole world is having babies right now...

Case in point, meet Oliver. 

He's my newest nephew, born earlier today. 

But will I get to hold him and snuggle and get my baby fix? No, because my brother and sister-in-law are dumb and therefore moved to Florida. Love you guys anyway. Even if you do live in Florida. Did I mention it's dumb?

So this little guy will have to suffice. And he's not into snuggling. Or even holding still. In fact, most of the time if I try to hold him, he tries to wriggle out of my arms and quickly try to go climb up something like Diego's bed to prove that he indeed is not a baby but a toddler. Rotten kid. Perhaps if I swaddle him really tight it will take him a few more minutes to loosen himself before he's able to wriggle out of my arms. Nah, I probably shouldn't try it. But I might if I don't get a baby fix soon.

Come for a visit soon, Oli! We sure can't wait to meet you... especially Cruz.

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