Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 on 10

A day at home is always nice... we've been having many of those with the cold and ickies already floating around! Most of the time, I'm more than ready to leave the house the second Jesse returns home from work, but I'm loving the present of being at home and just learning to be. My kids are such a testimony of God's goodness and I'm loving this time of hanging out "just us" and loving on them. Here's a snapshot of our life around here today.

fall decor to greet us this morning

 bread dough

morning nap

 baked bread

 alphabet review

sandwiches with homemade bread

can't wait for some snow so we can really try his birthday toy out!

 afternoon naps

 new issue of babiekins = swooning 
(go enjoy when you're done reading this post!)

take-down remaining party decor aka. baby Cruz shrine

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How about you? Are you enjoying home or being out more recently?


Dmarie said...

such fabulous shots! well done!! (and thanks for the link too)

Shannon said...

Great pics and that bread looks delicious!!!

Cindy said...

Hi there,
Popping in from ten on ten.
What a sweet family you have.
Love those vintage looking flashcards.
have a happy day

Sarah M. said...

Bread really looks good! I love the colour tone you used in your photo's!

alita jewel said...

Your set is amazing. I remembered your set from October and was happy to see that you were listed again.

What a beautiful day.


Kiki said...

Great photos! And I agree, that bread looks delicious.

Très bien said...

Hey Bethany! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I am loving staying at home right now!

Jenni said...

Yummy.....home baked bread!

Kim said...

oh my...that homemade bread is simply divine. amazing!