Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Honestly, when my cousin called and asked if I could watch her little boy yesterday I hesitated for just a moment.

He's just a few months older than Diego, so one would think they'd play together all the time. But silly us! that hasn't happened. I hesitated because we play with girls in this family. It's not that we try to avoid boys. On the contrary, I've tried numerous times to arrange boy play dates but it hasn't worked out. Other than our home-school group and church, Diego rarely sees boys his age. And it's exactly these places that made me hesitate. Boys are crazy when they get together! Like loud-crazy; like sword-fighting and bodily-function-crazy. And I'm in the midst of preparing my family to leave for Thanksgiving. And I'm unaccustomed to that kinda crazy.

But I said, "Yes." And I'm so glad I did! Yes, they were crazy... yes, there were a few bodily function words floating about that I had to put a stop to, and yes, someone did get pushed a bit too hard and bang his head. But I got to see a side of Diego that rarely gets a chance to come out to that degree. I mean, it's there all the time, but somehow Eliana seems to mellow it out with her desire to play tea party and mommy-daddy role play. Anyway, it was lovely... even when they spilled all the Legos all over the floor and then spent 30 minutes picking them up. They were having fun! And Diego, at the end of the day said: "Come back anytime!" What a blessing yesterday was!


mommyjoymarie said...

Ha! Love your description of our homeschool get-togethers. Made me laugh! And, now you know what my house is like...every day...only add some sibling rivalry in there! :)

Ali said...

HAHAHAHAHA that is my house ALL the time! You described it perfectly. So are you saying not everyone's kids are like that?! :) haha