Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Bizness

To be honest, bizness has been slow around here. Perhaps it's that I haven't listed much recently, but the main level of my home is looking pretty awesome right now! (Ehhh, we won't discuss the disaster area that is called my upstairs.) And I had a super cool birthday party for a special one year old I know, so perhaps it's alright that things have been slower. 

a woman's touch

However, I do realize that Christmas is just around the corner, so I need to get my act together this week and get lots of stuff listed so that I'm ready for Black Friday because everyone shops etsy on Black Friday, right? No? Well then, Cyber Monday? and that'll give me a few more days right?

In the mean time, Etsy is trying to keep me busy because I got a message from their admin today telling me that they're featuring one of my items on Etsy Vintage! Hooray... and perhaps I did a little dance! Good thing you weren't here to see it because I can't say I'm graceful. Check it out here!

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