Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm thanking God for a sister who was willing to open her home to me and my littles during our unexpected arrival at her doorstep. "Surprise, we're here to hang indefinitely today!"

I'm thanking God for keeping my family and neighbors safe in a hostage situation that took place a block away from my home.

I'm thanking God that my little ones are tucked away snug in their beds and don't have an inkling of all the ugly sin that swirled around them today.

I'm thanking God for a reminder that, although our immediate neighborhood is a relatively safe "historic" district, a block or two in any direction there's a physical and spiritual battle that is raging.

I'm thanking God for providing us with a home that's so close to so many in need. In need of truth. In need of love. In need of life.

I'm thanking God for the reminder that we were given this home for His use, His purposes, His ministry. Not sure what that means for us right this minute. But, I'm sure He'll point out more ways to use this place for His glory.

I'm thanking God for holding us in His capable hands, for guiding us safely out of our neighborhood for a while this afternoon, and landing us safely back in our own comfortable beds tonight.

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Debby said...

Scary. Glad you had a safe place to go and that you are all okay. I hope that doesn't happen often.