Wednesday, October 5, 2011

garge sale

Don't you love how kids say garage? Actually, I think ours will be more of a yard sale because my sister's husband doesn't like the idea of us accidentally selling off his tools, or something like that. ;) We would never do something like that, Paul! Never! hehe...

Anyway, how do we spend our time getting ready for the sale? Marking our items? No, because that would make sense! Instead, my sister has spent an incredible amount of time making signs for the sale because... she looked online and there was nothing cool out there. Nothing. And if my graphic designer sister is going to make a sign then, well, it'd better be stinkin' awesome. Stinkin.' Awesome.

So, we'll be that sale that doesn't have their act together and everything labeled on the first day. But we'll also have reasonable prices because our goal for the sale isn't to make a million dollars but to simplify our lives. So, if you live nearby come and get some great deals on some uber cool stuff. Or just come by and say hi because I'd love to see you!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

PS- If you bring lattes or baked goods when you visit, you'll be my new best friend!

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Sammi said...

Good luck! I wish I was just a LITTLE closer!!!