Monday, October 17, 2011

stuff i learned

How was your weekend? Mine, not too bad. Other than some burned bacon and a girl who's fighting her naps. Here's a few things I've learned this past week. 
  • Cruz is finally getting his eighth tooth... after having an odd number in his mouth for two months.

  • Going to the pumpkin patch is so much fun, and so tiring! You can see our trip here at my sister's blog.
  • Diego is getting better and better at drawing. Take a look at his mole!

 All of a sudden, I'm looking forward to Christmas!  
  • No one in my immediately family (besides me) likes split pea soup. It's really unfortunate.
  • Diego's soccer team this year does not have the same level of coaching as his team last year (read this as: we never practice as a team and his coach doesn't even give direction to the boys as they play). His team is not improving while the others in their league are. At the beginning of the year, they were all pretty much even but now they are getting creamed weekly. By the end of the game, he was near tears from sheer frustration. He plays whole-heartedly and does not even hear encouragement from his coach at the end of the game. This makes the mama bear in me want to appear. Right now, I'm praying about what we should do (if anything) about this scenario.

  • My nephew goes down for a nap much better when I remember to give him a pacifier. *duh!*
  • I'm loving this song: All I Have is Christ 
  • Diego has overcome his allergy to pumpkin! Which means we are enjoying baking so many yummy things with it right now! (We especially are enjoying pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce. *swoon*)
  • Eliana's heart is becoming more tender toward the Lord and she is beginning to ask more questions about salvation and sin. I'm praying for the day that her eyes will be opened to the gospel and that the Holy Spirit will allow her to grab hold of the gift of grace!

  • Absolutely loved my pastor's sermon on Sunday, I am being challenged on so many levels in his series on joy right now.
  • DondaLee's is giving away a 20 dollar shop credit to my etsy shop this week. You should go and enter right now!

How was your weekend? What has God been teaching you? Hope you're having a Marvelous Monday!


Debby said...

You have such a cute blog. I love the banner. I have a granddaughter named Eliana. Spelled the same way.

Jessica said...

Now that you can enjoy pumpkin, a nice lower calorie / high fiber way of baking cupcakes, cakes, muffins & pretty much any other "box mix" - You can add a can of pumpkin & nothing else!! No oil, water or eggs. With weight watchers I would do this often with Fiber One blueberry muffins. It made a normal size muffin only 2 points & was super filling. The problem started when Josh would eat 3 or so before I could tell him what I had done. Boy that'll make you regular :) It's really yummy, they stay super moist & with most of the recipes I made, you couldn't even taste the pumpkin. I'll get off of my soap box now :) Miss you & love, love, love reading your blog!!!!