Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen; Boys and Girls

It's no fun to be sick on Halloween! But, Diego has never been good at picking great dates to be sick.

Today when he woke up and we realized his fever had returned, he burst into tears.

102 degrees this morning.

He knew it meant he'd miss his second Halloween event tonight.

So, I said, "It's okay, we'll still have fun today! Let's put on our costumes."

We've been wearing them all day long.

To the doctor's office where they checked him (again) for strep and took some other cultures.

Then on down to a nearby shopping area for photos.

We were supposed to do photos with Finley and Evie today, but scrapped that idea for fear we'd expose everyone.

 Hopefully we'll be able to still get together for a photo shoot for the entire circus company on a later date because the outfits are only too-too cute altogether!

But it's a beautiful day!

And it was good to be outside and walk around. It lifted our spirits!

Sick? So what! We're rocking circus costumes in a shopping center!

In the meantime, we'll be stopping by to visit a couple of kid-less people after our naps which are in full costume of course... ever seen a tattooed strong man take a nap? It's completely adorable!

Our ring master is ever mindful of the fact that today is not his nap day and therefore, is just resting on the couch watching movies. 

Forget school! It's totally not happening today. And I don't care because I'm completely exhausted! 

Happy Halloween!

Linking up today because our day certainly has been made lovely!


mommyjoymarie said...

Adorable!! From the pictures it looks like you were just down the street from me. If Diego weren't sick, you shoulda stopped by. :) Hope he gets well soon!

Elisabeth Owens said...

You just couldn't wait could you.

Debby said...

Adorable circus cuties. Hope he feels better soon.

Bonnie said...

As usual, your kids have the cutest costumes!!

Casa De Luna said...

I like how your daughter is rocking her cowboy boots with the tutu. I was a lion tamer for Halloween, but I was missing the mustache.

Emily B. said...

Their costumes turned out so adorably! I'm keeping Evie's costume out and handy for the opportunity for a group photo! So sorry that Diego has the ick, but glad you made the special in spite of that! You are such a good momma.

Yoly said...

Super original costumes! Love them all..Too cute!!!

Bri Rios said...

This is totally adorable, and extremely creative!!! Love it :) There is a giveaway on my blog that you should check out, fun jewelry and headbands for adults and kids :)