Monday, October 10, 2011

10 on 10

First silent e lesson today... it went much better than I anticipated.

Food rarely stays on the plate, but I was just happy it made it into her tummy today.

We're loving dot-to-dots right now. It counts as math, right?
Finally (a week later) I pulled the sheets out of the dryer. *sigh* I hate weeks where there's a load that looms  over my head like a big black cloud.

I'm a mean and hateful mama for sticking him in the exersaucer and he's not afraid to let me know.

Finally content to be outside waiting for Papi's return and checking out the pumpkins.

Finally dinner is ready!
Dessert apples and caramel sauce!

Do your kids have this Bible? They should! It rocks!

Cheesy bedtime photos... Good night, all!

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Brooke said...

Awww - loved your 10!
I had to laugh at the exersaucer photo. My kids used to cry in that thing too, often!

Sarah said...

Cute pictures! :)

Also, I gave you one of my Versatile Blogger Awards :)

Trish said...

love your little vintage self... do you homeschool?

Kim said...

Totally counts as math. :) Love that speckled pumpkin. And we're totally into apples and caramel sauce these days too.

Angela said...

I see you are a "My Father's World" user :) I recognized the workbook! We have been using MFW for 4 years now and LOVE it.

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