Monday, October 3, 2011

stuff i learned

It's been a great weekend, but I'm ready to get back into the swing of things and get ready for a garage sale in just a few days! Eep! Okay, I really need to get to work.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my stuff i learned post, something i hope will be a regular thing around here soon! So here it goes-

Stuff I learned this week:

Cruz is standing up by himself now (no more than a few seconds, but it's reminding me that this little one is nearing the age of toddler-hood. And quickly leaving babyhood behind. boo! I don't like that!

Eliana has somehow managed to learn how to write her name on her own. I showed her a few times a couple of weeks ago and she practiced writing it down, but I figured she was just learning to copy the shapes. Then she brought me this paper... she had nothing to look at, nothing to copy, absolutely no direction at all and still wrote it! I'm in love with the extra fingers on the E!

My sister is one incredible girl and she challenges me in my walk with the Lord... she has a project in the works that I hope to one day soon share with you. I'm excited to see how God will use it!

It's amazing how much difference a year can make! All through soccer season last year Diego struggled to keep up, to get in there, and to make a shot. This year he's the team star... ha! Okay, maybe that's a bit much but seriously, what a difference! I've also seen a side of competitiveness that will need to stay in check. His three ways to make a goal were, to get close to the ball, to kick it hard into the goal, and step on other players feet so they fall down. Er... um, no, you're not supposed to do that.

The drive-in theater with kids is fun, if: 1. You keep in mind that there's no way you'll watch the movie because you'll be trying to keep kids from climbing all over each other and keep the baby from eating the de-icer spray can.  2. You remember to pack more than one wipe. 3. You dress in clothes you don't mind getting super messy because you will be covered in cotton candy, Raisinets, and poop from the baby's diaper explosion because you only had one wipe. Uh, yeah, I know it's gross. I know very well. We will, however, be trying the drive-in again because the kids loved it. We may try to wait until we have a larger vehicle though. Let's all pray our Santa Fe sells quickly.

Hope you had a wonderful week and you're refreshed and ready for Monday! Tell me, what did you learn this week?

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Melissa said...

Love this post. One wipe, oh, that was so me when my kiddos were still in diapers. Your daughter did a great job writing her name. So cute!!