Thursday, July 1, 2010

Water Babies

This has been our morning routine for the past two weeks.

Going over to our friends, T and C's house for swimming lessons.  The kids have been having a blast and learning so much from Ms. Lisa.  Tomorrow's our last day, and I'm dreading the end because I know they'd be over there all day every day if they could be.  And really, I can't blame them.  I mean I haven't even been getting in the water and I'm going to be a bit sad.  Because T and C's backyard is a dream even without the pool.  Look at these:

Even Diego knows the flowers alone make it a special place.  The first couple of days he went on and on about T's flowers and how beautiful they are.  (He also would like T not to work during swimming lessons so that he can see him during that time.  Maybe next year, buddy.)

This is Diego floating on his back.

This is Eliana trying not to float on her back. 

Diego is really beginning to get the hang of it.  We're going to have to make it to a pool to practice the rest of the summer so he won't forget!

This is Eliana's favorite place to be- sitting on the side.

Where she can dip her toes in, but not get too wet.

Okay, enough photos, Mom!

Usually, Diego can barely stand waiting for his turn on the side of the pool.  (But after numerous talks on car rides home, I think he's beginning to wait better.  So serious today.)

Ms. Lisa has even been able to coax them into crossing the deep end of the pool.

So brave.  And so sweet.

They come home proud of all their new accomplishments and also ready for an early nap! 

Thank you so much, Ms. Lisa, we've had a blast!


mpoffman said...

I miss those long summer days of swimming lessons, baseball games, trips to the library, and reading, reading, reading (you each would check out 20 book apiece). Maybe I'll retire early and hit the pool with you! ;)

Mindy M. Harris said...

that looks so fun. Diego looks so big!