Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Talk about Making a Girl feel Special

One of my blog friends (who've I've known since we were in elementary school... or maybe she was even younger than that) nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  I'm blushing, because I really feel like I'm only beginning to figure this whole blog thing out.  Still, how sweet is it that she thinks my little blog thoughts are enjoyable enough to read? Thank you, Ginny!  Ginny writes an incredible blog of her own: The Story of Us.  Which is full of her wonderful recipes and incredible redecorating ventures.  Well worth reading!

To accept the award, I'm supposed to do two things: blog about 7 fun facts about myself and nominate another blogger for the award.  So, here I go!

1. I have a tendancy to be obsessive compulsive... except when I'm not.  I'm an all or none kind of a girl.  Either my house is going to be clean (reorganized silverware drawer and all) or a complete and utter disaster.  Usually it's the latter. I'm really trying to learn moderation.

2. I adore children's chapter books!  I loved reading to my classes when I was teaching.  It was my favorite part of teaching... my kids gathered around on the floor listening to a chapter or two right after lunch.  I can't wait until my own kids are big enough to really listen to chapter books.  I can't tell you how many times I've read The Little House Books or The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  And because I can become obsessive-compulsive, children's chapter books give me some moderation.  My husband does not appreciate it when I check out completely for a few days while I complete an Austen book, but doesn't mind it as much when I check out for a few hours to read a Newbery book.  (It's a good compromise.)  In the past couple of weeks, I've read: The Courage of Sarah Noble, Letters from Rifka, and The Fledgling.

4. Speaking of Austen, I'm not good at choosing a favorite movie, but..

I love the cinematography in the newest Pride and Predjudice. 

Love how closely the script follows the book in the BBC version of the same. 

And I pretty much appreciate any movie that has to do with Austen. 

Including this one. 

And this one.

4. Jesse is willing to watch chick-flicks with me.  (And even sometimes suggests them.)  I love him for this and about a million other reasons.  Can you believe that we will be celebrating our 7th anniversary in just a couple of weeks?  I'm amazed that he's been able to put up with all my quirks and (sometimes) down-right-meanness.  But I'm terribly thankful for it. 

He's an incredible husband and papi and I'm grateful that God saw fit to put him in my life.

My kids bring me so much joy! 

I am amazed at what they force me to learn about the world, God, and myself.  Little spiritual lessons that I teach them, end up smacking me up against the side of the head more often than not.  Oh yeah, I need to not complain and learn to be content with what I have, too!  One of the things I most appreciate about my own parents is that they made tremendous financial and personal sacrifices to home school my siblings and I. ("So, that explains it!" you're saying to yourself right now.) Jesse and I hope to warp home school our kids as well... with Diego beginning to take a great interest in learning to read right now, we are gearing up to begin our own little school.  I am thankful that God is giving us the ability to do this and I am looking forward to learning many more lessons alongside Diego and Eliana in this up-coming school year!

6. And speaking of my kids, I had my sonogram today... finally. 

And I'd like to introduce you to little Cruz! 

We are excited to meet him in person and thankful that God is adding him to our family.  We pray that he will grow to be a man after God's heart and that God will give us the necessary wisdom to raise him in the Lord.

7. My husband and I have a great desire to take our kids and move away... and (at the same time) I have a great desire to stay right where I am for the rest of my life. I've been blessed with an awesome family full of my closest friends. I talk to my mom almost everyday and my sister most days. My cousin, Emily and I get together once a week so our little ones can enjoy each other, but also so we can talk and catch up. (This is just a small sampling of all the wonderful people in my family.) And with all of these friends, the idea of moving away seems like an impossibility.

But then I think of people like this group of boys.

And experiences like this.

And I remember so many kiddos with needs and deep hurts that only God can heal.

And I think of God's call on my life.

And I really hope (eventually- and preferably while our kids are still young) that we can move and make helping, ministering, and living among the least of these a part of our daily lives. This is my heart's desire. And even though, it would be hard to leave all my loved-ones behind, I know that if God wills this for our family that He'll give me the strength... and hopefully great internet connection.

That's me in a nutshell. Now, to pass the Beautiful Blogger Award along.  I'd love to nominate: Emily at Cottage Industrious... I hope you'll take a look at her blog.

Thank you, again, Ginny... this was challenging and fun!


chrisandginny said...

Love it! :) I still need to watch the new Pride and Prejudice! I'm gonna put it on my Netflix right now :) And I think you and Jesse need to have about 13 kids. You make such beautiful children, it would be a shame to have any fewer ;) Congrats on Cruz!

mpoffman said...

Awww! You make me cry. Your blog reminds me how much I love everything about you - even the obsessive-compulsive thing. I don't know where you got that!