Friday, July 2, 2010

You're Killing Me, Smalls! (And Friday Favorites)

Shortly after Jesse and I got married, I realized my husband had no idea what S'mores were.  Our conversation went a lot like this one from The Sandlot.

You'd think that this would be an impossibility for someone who grew up in the US.  But apparently, it's not.  So, we ended up going to the grocery store and then breaking out the candles- we were living in an apartment back then.  Needless to say, Jesse loved them and there's been no going back since. 

There's a recipe for S'mores cupcakes in it... and this recipe is giving me inspiration for a whole theme for Diego's impending birthday party.  I'll soon be sharing some more planning details next week, but for right now, I thought I'd show you what direction I'm headed with my Friday Favorites treasury.  Hope you're having a Happy Friday!

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