Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our 4th of July Weekend (Continued)

Yesterday, Diego, Eliana and I continued our weekend with a day trip.  We headed out with some fabulous ladies.  Our original plan to go to a daylily farm got squashed by the rain. 

First we headed up to Carriage Crossing for lunch. 

Even though I have heard about this place and their pies  for years, I had never had an opportunity to make it out there.  The pies were good.  I think the favorite one at our table ended up being a tollhouse chocolate chip cookie pie.  (Is there ever a time when chocolate isn't good?)  As the name kinda suggests, the restaurant is in the middle of Amish/Mennonite country-- I was good and resisted taking pictures of little girls in sweet bonnets. 

I stuck to Eliana coloring at the table. Cute, but no bonnet.

After we were done, we decided to head out to Hutchinson.  (To be honest, except to visit a friend once or twice and to go to the state fair, I hadn't ever even thought of going to Hutchinson.)  This might have been a terrific trip if it hadn't been a Monday... especially a Monday after a holiday.  But as it was, we passed many antique stores with locked doors.  And most of the restarants in the downtown strip were closed too.  Including the coffee shop.  One gal at one of two antique shops that were open suggested we go to Dairy Queen- uh, not exactly what we had hoped for on our girls trip. But what we did find open was fun!

I would have never thought it would have been so much fun.  On top of produce at very reasonable prices, they had all sorts of candies and old-fashioned toys.  (I will need to remember this place when I start to think about stocking stuffers.) 

While I was there, I found the perfect child's plate for Elisabeth's baby... I couldn't resist.

Between airplane rides...

Laughing around the table...

And enjoying the nice weather outside, it was a lovely day!

Thank you, ladies, for your gift of time!

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mpoffman said...

OK, the last photo could've been cropped from the shoulders up. Next time I get to man the camera.