Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Campside Cookout Invitations

Yea!  All the invitations for Diego's birthday party are complete! (Now to finish delivering them.) I mentioned last Friday that Diego is having a Camping Themed party all because of a S'mores cupcake recipe I found. It sounds so yummy and summery to me- I can't wait!

Today I thought I'd share the invite details with you:  Here's the supplies I needed:

scissors, twine, and a hole punch
(all things I've picked up at estate sales for super cheap this year)

cellophane wrappers, bamboo skewers, and tea lights
(all things that can be found at Target)

card stock tags

matchboxes with party information
(location and RSVP # are on the backside... sorry only a few are privy this information)

and of course, homemade marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey's bars.

First, I wrapped the graham crackers and marshmallows in a cellophane bag together.

Then, I threw this into another cellophane bag with a candle, a matchbox, chocolates, and bamboo skewer.  After that, I tied the top and added a tag to the front.

They looked so cute gathered together in a basket.

And Diego enjoyed handing out quite a few of them the other day at our Fourth of July get together.

Hope you have a Happy Wednesday!


Ella's Mom said...

Love IT!!! I still am having a hard time believing that they are 4!!!!

kayla rotola said...

this idea is SO adorable. i want to steal it...but i don't know what to steal it for yet. : ) happy 4th birthday diego!