Monday, July 19, 2010

My Boy

Who likes to pretend to be Captain Hook... or Captain VonTrap (depending on the day).

Who loves his sister.

Would like a plane for his birthday so he can go and visit his cousins in Florida.

Who is his grandpa's shadow.

My little Nacho Libre.

Who loves trains more than anyone I know.

Who thinks birthdays and anniversaries are the best times to get sick.

Who wishes it would hurry and snow...until you remind him that means he couldn't play in the water anymore.

My first born.

Who's smile makes me want to cry.

Who makes me remember to marvel at simple things.*

And to run through fountains.

Who turns 4 today.  Happy Birthday, Diego... I love you!

*photo courtesy of Emily @ Cottage Industrious


mpoffman said...

Happy Birthday to Diego, one of my favorite people in the whole world! He is one very wonderful boy!!!

Elisabeth said...

Happy Birthday, mijo! You are still as adorable today as the day you were born. I love you!

joshuaryherd said...

The twins thought the plane was a great idea and thought you should definitely give him a BIG plane so he could come here and see them. And he should pack a suitcase.

Mindy M. Harris said... have me all weepy. precious.