Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diego's 4th Birthday

Well, we had to reschedule Diego's birthday party because he was sick over the weekend, so I have no pictures to show you of that.  (He's feeling much better now!)  Since yesterday was his actual birthday, but his papi had school we played the day pretty low-key.

We ate Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast and then let him decide where he wanted to eat lunch.  Micky D's... thank you very much!  We picked it up and took it to the park which was a foolish and hot decision... we laid on our picnic blanket in the sweltering heat of the shade and worried about what we were going to do when the kids were done eating and wanted to play.  Fortunately, his present... a roundhouse for his train track made them want to hurry back home and play with it before nap-time, to which we gladly agreed.

During nap-time, I made a cookie cake from a mix. You heard me right.  (I added M&M's because Diego loves rainbow cookies.) And then took a decorator's icing can (yep, it was pretty nasty... but I was going for low-key and easy) and decorated it. I ran out of icing right as I hit the y in birthday, which did not make me a happy camper and I suppose this may be yet another reason to hate that stuff out of a can because you cannot gauge well what amount you have left.

When everyone was up from nap, we met my parents and Elisabeth and Paul for dinner at Freddy's.  Always a treat!  And then we headed over to mom and dad's for cake and ice cream where we met up with Jesse who cut out of class early to join us.  Diego had a great time, which reminded me that things don't always have to be extravagantly planned in order to be fun.  That's right, simple things like getting burgers and heading home for cake and ice cream is plenty enough!  Maybe I'll remember this in years to come.  (But probably not.)

Okay, maybe there was ice cream at Freddy's too.

So thankful for this sweet boy!

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mommyjoymarie said...

Happy Birthday Diego! Relaxed birthdays are the best!