Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today You're 9 Months

It's hard to believe you've already been with us for 3/4 of a year, but it's hard to remember life without you, too!

Today, we went to a new park with your brother and sister. The big kids played Captain Hook and Smee... Papi got to be the Croc!

Our favorite line: "There's only one thing to do now, Smee, and that is nothing and run away!" Ha!

Smee though was able to fend off the attacks of the crocodile by throwing rocks! That's my girl!

You, on the other hand, were perfectly content to sit beside me and watch your crazy siblings... you are so intent on watching them and learning all you can from them. I can see it in your eyes that you're processing all they do and scheming to join in the fun. Soon, little guy, all too soon!

In the mean time, you love the swing! And I love your giggles!

Cruz, right now, you:
  • pull yourself to a stand and cruise around on the furniture.
  • have six teeth to bite me with! (sometimes I cry a little but I'm determined to nurse you for another 3 months!)
  • can high five and shake your head no!
  • say hi and yeah.
  • weigh 19 lbs! (that's 8 oz. more than your sister weighed at a year.)
  • usually only wake once in the middle of the night to feed... and typically sleep about an 8 hour stretch.
  • love to sing and dance!
  • want to play with everything your brother and sister play with and throw a fit when you don't get to.
  • love to tear and eat paper.
  • make us all really happy to have you around, you smiley boy! We love you!
Joining up with Embrace the Camera today, go take a look!


tasha said...

precious pics. so fun to have those 9 mo things recorded. love it!

tasha said...

such sweet photos and so fun to have those 9 mo things written down. so fun! :)