Thursday, August 4, 2011

Diego's 5th Birthday

I stayed up until 2 am finishing gifts for Diego's birthday. But it was worth it. The tent waited for morning discovery. And he was thrilled! It was a lovely way to start off the day even if he was only wearing one sock.

Because I was shot from a late night and had the start to a bad headache, I decided against taking the kids to Exploration Place. Diego would never know the difference because I hadn't mentioned it to him.

Jesse, fortunately came to the rescue and took the morning off so he could take them instead, and so I could rest for a while when Cruz went down for a nap.

They frequently hold hands. Makes my mama heart melt. I hope they never stop loving each other this much!

Diego still loves Thomas trains and thinks it's wonderful to play with someone else's track... even though he has a very good one at home with a more extensive collection of trains. I don't get it, but whatevs. It makes him happy. He started his love of trains at 2... I've been told it usually tapers off around six which means that about the time Diego stops loving trains, Cruz will start loving trains. Oh, how I'm sick of Thomas!

Apparently, he got to play pirate.

And Eliana is still little enough to fit into a cradle. (Cruz just has seven more pounds to catch her, even though she's three years older.)

They actually both love trains, so there's no way I'm done with them in the next year even if Cruz never shows an interest. Do you know, I've been on more than 5 train rides in the past 3 years? That's a lot of train rides for someone nowhere near a working train station.

Wendy sent two of these monstrosities home with the kids on the fourth. I told them they could finally have them for his birthday at lunch.

We had Chipotle for dinner and cake afterwards. Diego loves having people sing the Birthday Song to him... no hiding under the table in embarrassment for this kid! What? you don't have family members who quite literally crawl under the table at the sound of the birthday song?

Four layers of colorful surprise inside... the best part was the chocolate butter cream frosting though!

Diego wasted no time putting on his Peter Pan outfit after he opened it!

This little monkey looks like he's plotting ways to eat some wrapping paper.  (I never would have let Diego go out in public in just a onesie... what has happened to my standards!?!)

Yea! Another train... I limited him to two train requests this year... which I felt was way more than enough! He got both of them and seems pleased.

What a special day for a special boy! Diego, how I love your smiles, hugs, besos, "questions" at bed time that end up being just really long statements to stall going to bed, laugh, passion for sharing Jesus with others, and determination! I love you!


Michelle said...

My boys train obsession also started at age 2 and has now at ages 8 and 6 faded a little but they still love to play with their Geo Trax sometimes. Now they have Lego train sets that has kicked the train experience up a notch. I assume you know about "Day Out With Thomas" where you can ride a real train with a real Thomas engine? We did that three years in a row. They no longer ask to go to that though. :( And I'm in the same boat when we go to Exploration Place - they head straight for the trains. They never can get enough!

Jessica said...

& he'll have a few more presents when he comes to Florida!!!! Looks like we missed out on quite a bit of fun!!!

Ali said...

what a cute and simple birthday! i love the tent and peter pan outfit! way to be creative. I have to get creative with my oldest's bday this month and may use your idea for a tent!!