Saturday, August 27, 2011

For my little jumper

This boy loves to jump.

I discovered it while we were hanging out in the pool this summer. Once he discovered the buoyancy of the water, he spent the next hour jumping. So, a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to hang out at my cousin Jennifer's home. Jennifer runs a home daycare... she's pretty awesome with kids. Anyway, Jennifer had a jumperoo and we stuck Cruz in there and he had a ball... for over an hour! He love it and I decided we needed one of our own.

Now, when I had Diego, we'd picked up one of the jumpers that hang in the doorway, but soon discovered that all of the woodwork in our home was too wide to accommodate it and so, the bigger kids have never really had a chance to use one.

So, I knew I was going to need a free standing jumper... my awesome cousin, helped me look for one online and we found this thing for super cheap. Ew! Stored in a garage for I don't know how long and um, yep. That's a cat in the picture, too. Not that I have anything against cats but it doesn't scream "Look how clean this awesome jumper is!" to me.

Anyway, this week I dissected the seat with the kangaroo fabric. Scrubbed long and hard with disinfectant.

I got rid of the nasty kangaroo teethers and replace them with some wooden beads because I think it gives a vintage feel.

 Reconstructed the seat using vintage fabric. Recovered the springs. And whala! We now have a jumperoo  that I feel okay having in my house!

And a little guy who will finally be happy when I make him stationary while I cook. Which is a big bonus! Now, off to make zucchini bread!

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Elisabeth said...

Your too good, Bethany! I don't know where you find the time.

Michelle said...

We bought a jumperoo when Andrew was a baby and he also LOVED that thing. To this day, he does a ton of jumping in place especially the more excited he gets and I often wonder if all of his jumping is due to all the time spent in the jumperoo!!

Emily B. said...

You. Amaze. Me.
So cute with the vintage clover fabric and beads!!!

Jessica said...

you're insane!! but now you have a one of a kind, Awesome Jumper!!!I think Sarala will enjoy helping to teach him to jump next week!