Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Thorn in My Side

A few days ago, I was writing a description of myself for a feature on my shop at another blog and I said I was a lover of all things with a history. That, I thought was true--until I was reminded once again of The Beast.

You see, for years now, I've always had to compete with The Beast. And most of the time, I've won out over her.  But there have been several times when I've lost, as well. She is my husband's first love... and when I call her The Beast, I'm not being mean. No. Rather, I'm using the same term that Jesse uses when referring to her- his 1977 Jeep Cherokee.

This thing is the one and only thing he still owns from his bleak era of bachelor living over a decade ago. About 5 and a half years ago, The Beast was Jesse's main form of transportation... until her transmission went out. At the time, Jesse was working at Youth for Christ, we had a child on the way, were living at my parent's home, were about to buy our first house, and were beyond poor. There was no way we could shell out the $1000 that she needed to be repaired.

I'd been trying to get Jesse to sell her already, but with her out of commission, he felt that no one would pay what she was truly worth without repair. And there she's sat. In our backyard. For years. Being neglected. Being used for storage since we don't have a garage. Being a ugly pile of junk to keep the kids away from as they play in the yard. My thorn in my side.

Jesse quit working for YFC, but we had another baby and he went back to school. We had yet another baby and he's still in school. And when the tax rebate rolled in this year, she finally got some attention... well, sort of. Her transmission got some attention, but Jesse still had to install the new refurbished one, work on some of the exhaust, etc. Well, she finally started up yesterday. And he's off getting her tagged and ready for the road once again.

And me, am I lamenting that his first love is back in our lives on a more day-to-day basis? Well, I'm working at it. After all, I am a lover of all things vintage. So maybe her title needs to be The Vintage Beast... so I remember what she is. And maybe some of these things, will help me remember to love her more, too.

My chair still waiting to be upholstered.

My couch waiting to be upholstered.

My rocking chair... wait for it... waiting to be upholstered.

These things keep my attitude in check about The Beast.

Happy day, Jesse! I'm happy to do a jig and rejoice with you that she's up and running again. And I'm sure you'll help me with my upholstery projects next. Right?

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