Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Almost Here {and Friday Favorites}

And I'm just now realizing it. All my school curriculum has arrived in the mail. Yes, we have another couple weeks until we official start our home school year off, but since we'll be on vacation for one of those weeks, that means that I've got about a week to get myself together so we're good to go when the day comes.

Fortunately, I found this weekly family planner printout from Emily Anderson this morning! Thank you, Emily, you've saved my unorganized hide! We will pull together and get things written down now. I put a different graphic in the corner that doesn't require my printer to have color ink because it rarely does and even when it does, it doesn't work well.

I've decided I need to do this to one of my school room walls so that paperwork can easily go up and down depending on the day.


The kids have really been interested in maps recently. 3 year old Eliana can pick out Florida, Kansas, and Oklahoma on a map already. I've lost count of everything Diego's able to find. This thrills my heart because I taught more than a few 5th graders who came to me still not knowing the difference between a city and a state. I love these ones and think I'm going to get them.

In the meantime, I've stuck up some things that were free... stuff I had when I was still teaching 6 years ago. They were from World Market. The alphabet one's a bit torn, but I thought it added to it's vintage look, so I didn't fix it.

I do realize that most of the world around us has already started the 2011-2012 educational journey. But what can I say? I love summer break! But I love school too, and am looking forward to this year. Here's a few things that come to mind for me when I start thinking about school.

I get very nostalgic when thinking about school. Do you, too? What are your favorite things or memories from your school days? Any particular things you love that screams school time to you?

Have a Fabulous Friday!


mpoffman said...

Of course, I always thought you needed a plaid dress for the first day of school,(I don't know why)and that plaid backpack would go along perfectly!

Michelle said...

I have spent the entire day processing through and organizing our school stuff. It's been fun going through it all and the boys got excited when they checked it out. I am hoping to start school this coming Monday!

Michelle said...

I have spent the entire day processing through and organizing our school stuff. It's been fun and the boys got excited to go through their own piles of goodies! I am hoping to start our school year this coming Monday!

Deborah said...

I looked forward to my new lunch box! Nice blog and thanks for using my vintage crayons in your Treasury today!

Sometimes Life is Bliss And Sometimes Not ! said...

Hi I live in Chicago in a small apartment with three kids ..... any ideas for creating a study space ? I love vintage and ur blog is amazing. I just came across it from Cakies blog.

Jessica said...

Might have to snitch some of these ideas!!! Can't wait to see you next week & show off our school room!