Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly Picture Rewards

Diego and Eliana have been so good about letting me take pictures of them for the Etsy shoots we've been doing in order to get the shop up and running. But honestly, with my point-n-shoot camera, they get tired. It's slow. They move before it's actually snapped the photo and I have to take another one. Eliana likes to be paid for her time if goes on for very long. I give her a few pennies and she's pleased. Sometimes, when she's really in the mood for some money she'll suggest taking pics. Ha! The girl loves money--what can I say? (Actually, she doesn't really "get" what money's for because I usually use my debit card... so maybe she just loves putting stuff in her piggy bank.)

Diego, he's got a different idea of a reward. He loves to take silly pictures. His idea is let me take a few serious shots and then follow it up with some silly ones that he decides he wants to take. Today he wanted one of his new toy- Hiro. We went to Barnes & Nobel today because he had a gift certificate burning a hole in his pocket and of course, a train is one of the first things he thought about getting. He also was able to buy a book and some pastels (some serious messy art fun is in store for us). Thank you, Andrea and Bill!

Introducing Hiro (I think he's Asian-- can trains be different ethnicities?)

And then when he was done with that, he wanted one of us sticking our tongues out. Oh boy! I love this boy and his ideas for fun pictures. He makes me step in front of the camera with him... and although I'm terribly self-conscious about it, he makes me have fun with him. He brings such life and joy to the family and he makes my heart swell!

Hmmm, didn't notice the white spot on my shirt until after this photo... smells like toothpaste, which means I went  to the book store like that. Awesome.

Joining up with Embrace the Camera today-- go look at all the others and then go out in embrace the camera, too!

Hey, in case you haven't heard yet, it's the last day of the re-opening sale at my Etsy shop... visit my facebook page to find out more info about it.


va said...

I love the and all!!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Just LOVING that last one- how fun!

emily anderson said...

ha, toothpaste spot. how many times have i left the house like that? too many to count :)