Thursday, December 1, 2011


We won't hide them from our children. 
      We will tell them to those who live after us. 
   We will tell them about what the Lord has done that is worthy of praise. 
      We will talk about his power and the wonderful things he has done. 
 He gave laws to the people of Jacob. 
      He gave Israel their law. 
   He commanded our people who lived before us 
      to teach his laws to their children. 
 Then those born later would know his laws. 
      Even their children yet to come would know them. 
      And they in turn would tell their children.

One of my favorite childhood memories was my momma reading to my brother, my sister, and me.  I can’t even begin to calculate the hours that we spent snuggled up together and listening to her voice as she shared stories with us.  And Christmas was the best… she would bring out an entire basket of Christmas story books that we would read over and over again.  This teaching of Christ’s coming to earth to be among us (and that His coming was with a purpose—our redemption), made a huge impact in our spiritual lives.  As an adult (especially working with  inner-city kids—most of whom have unchurched parents), I’ve come to realize what a blessing it was that God gave me two parents who loved Him and taught me to love Him as well.

Now, I am the parent.  It’s up to me to make meaningful times where I teach my children about the Lord (especially during Advent). We have our own basket of Christmas story books with beautiful illustrations of the Christ Child and we sit down and snuggle together to read about His plan to save us.  And when I really think about what I want for my kids in the long run, it’s not expensive toys that they will get excited about for a few days… or a few months if I’m lucky.  No, if that’s all I did for them at Christmas I wouldn’t be giving them much at all.  I want to [Give More] than that.  I want to give them Jesus, who loved them enough to be born so that he could die to save them, and whom they can be passionately excited about their entire lives. That’s how I’ll give more to my kids this Christmas.

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bird and tree said...

You sent me back to my childhood...sitting on my own mother's lap listening to her read many many stories of the bible to my brother and I. Thanks for letting me relive that a little bit! Beautiful words! Visiting via ETC! Newest follower!