Friday, December 9, 2011


We're ready to start decorating. We had our home-school Christmas Craftpaloosa Party at our home today. It was a blast and a blessing to have so many friends around us.

One of my biggest hang-ups with many kids' crafts is that it's nothing I want around my house. So, when looking for ideas for the day, (I found much of my inspiration on pinterest and etsy) I looked for things simple enough for kids but beautiful enough to display in my home. I think we found a great balance to the two.

Diego made the longest paper chain ever. I love the simplicity of it and the fact it's not made of construction paper. Old hymnals are awesome!

Now that the party is done, we'll get a Christmas tree and put it up! Yea... and drink hot cocoa because it's stinking awesome! (The kids kept coming back for more!)

Here's the recipe: 3.5 cups of sugar, 2.25 cups of baking cocoa, and a tablespoon of salt. Mix.
Add 2 tablespoons of mix to a cup of steamed milk. This is my kiddie version of my hot cocoa recipe... it's missing the heat.

To make my famous Spicy Mexican Hot Cocoa- add a table spoon of cayenne pepper to the mix! Yummo!

Have a wonderful weekend!

3 comments: said...

Thank you for having us, Bethany. It was a blast!

Mary Beth Phelps said...

This looks like it was so much fun! I never though of using old hymnals to make a paper chain, but it looks wonderful. And there are a stack of them at my community recycling center. Hmmm... :)

Emily B. said...

What a fun time we had! Thank you so much for all the wonderful work that went into making it all happen and for including us in the festivities! We loved it and love you!