Friday, December 2, 2011

Preparing Little Hearts for Advent {Friday Favorites}

This is a follow up to yesterday's post, you can read it here.

There's a wealth of Christmas books on the market, but many of them are lacking... uh, Christ. And although we love us some good Sinter Klausen books around here, if we are going to instill the beautiful and grace-laden meaning of the season into our children, books about Christ's birth are a must at Advent. While there are some good Christian Christmas books currently on the market, there are really only a handful that have been written in the past five years that I have found good enough to purchase. However, there is a treasure trove of vintage Christmas books to be had.

When I personally look for children's books, I have to love the illustrations and then the words. Purchasing a children's books online is tricky because it's difficult to see what's written before purchase. Typically, I'll read the entire book to make sure it's something I want to read over and over again. Can I get an amen from anyone who's had to read a poorly written Thomas the Tank Engine or Disney book multiple times? I understand it's not always avoidable. So, when buying online I have to go on pictures and perhaps a bit of text.

Later next week, I'll show you a collection of more current books we have and enjoy around our house at Christmastime. But for today, I thought I'd show you a small sampling of what's available on Etsy. Some of these we own, some of them my momma read to me, and some of them may make it to our home very soon if I can scrounge up some change because, well, it wouldn't be Christmas without adding a book or two to our collection.

Are you familiar with any of these books? Or do you have a vintage favorite you'd like to tell about? I'd love to hear!

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Trish said...

What a great idea... i am rather bad at collecting books. I have started purchasing a book every year at christmas time so that will be nice! one of my all time favorites is the crippled lamb by max lucado! love that book.