Wednesday, December 21, 2011

With What

We’ve been created with a God-shaped hole in our beings that can only be filled and satisfied with Him.  The question we must ask ourselves this season isn’t, “Will I try to fill the void within me?” But rather, “With whom or what  will I try to fill that void?”

Will I spend my time lovingly adorning my home with Christmas decorations for my friends to admire?  Or will I choose to spend my time relishing how my great God lovingly came down from Heaven in the form of a helpless babe? Will I spend my time dwelling on fining the perfect gifts for my family? Or will I spend time with the greatest Gift ever given?

To be honest, too often it is easy for me to fill up my time with things that are temporal instead of eternal. I can easily get caught up in the party and forget all about the birthday Boy.  But that’s not how I want to celebrate this year.  I don’t want to crowd my life with “Christmas” and find myself at the end of Advent unsatisfied because I didn’t look to the only One who can fill me completely.

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