Friday, July 29, 2011

Hand-Made Gifts

Things have been a wee bit tight around here recently, so it was time to get creative with gifts. Fortunately, finding things to make for this Peter Pan-obsessed boy wasn't too difficult. I had all the materials for a tipi and a Peter Pan outfit (which he'd been asking me to make for weeks) on hand except for some poles, which were affordable enough!

He's thrilled with the results-- I'm thankful to God for a momma who taught me enough about sewing to wing it! And a boy who is happy with handmade things!

The material for the tipi was so fun to assemble a mish-mash of vintage and new... all things I've purchased over the years from previous projects or because they were so super cheap I couldn't turn them down. ($2 for 3 yards of awesome vintage fabric is not something I pass up easily!) I think I like it even better than some of these tipis on etsy!

I had wool felt from a big sewing project I'd done years before, and the vest, is an old t-shirt of mine that I just took scissors to.

Jesse drilled holes in the poles and also made a button for Diego's pouch from slice of a tree limb so it would look more woodsy... thankful for a skilled husband who can help me with my projects, too!

And just to give you one last thing to look at, here's Diego's latest drawing:

Have a Fabulous Friday!


mpoffman said...

You're a talented young lady, if I do say so myself; and I love Diego's drawing!!!

va said...

Kirk's mom made Drew a Robin Hood outfit. She made him a cape out of Kirk's dad's barber cloth...a hat out of green felt...a quiver for his arrows... a pouch out of jean material....oh my....there was prob more to the outfit... but it was soooo much fun. I know I saved it somewhere....maybe one day his little boy will wear it!!!

Wendy said...

Oh my!! So so sweet. I love the last picture of your little one in his outfit, posing in front of his tipi. It's funny, I just saw a tipi at a yard sale today (for too much $) and thought to myself- again- that I really need to make one. I have enough fabric... just need to buy the poles and DO IT.
Diego's drawing is great!

Michelle said...

Great job mama!

Elisabeth said...

I'll take one for my birthday, please! I too love Diego's drwing. He's going to be an artist when he grow up. :)

Jami Nato said...

stop it with that tent! i love it. lOVE.

Mindy M. Harris said...

love the wreath and tent. i recognize one of the fabric pieces. :-)