Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting ready for a party


I know I've been gone a lot this week, but life's been consumed with getting ready for Diego's birthday party this weekend. Originally, we were having a pirate party, but soon after I settled on that theme, Diego was introduced to Peter Pan... good thing we can still use pirate plates for a Peter Pan party!

Here's what I started out with for a invite:

This picture

became my sketch

which was scanned and then edited using pixlr and turned it into an invite.

Then my sketch was taken over by an almost 5-year-old with crayons.

And then he thought he'd venture out on his own using water colors.

I love that my boy takes such an interest in art. He's getting quite good and lucky for him he has many talented people in the family who can help him.

On another note: I made cake pops for the party. I'd read some bakerella and then I'd read this post by my friend Mindy and gave it a go.

Mindy had an extensive list of things she learned along the way to which I'll add two:

  • Make when the kids are napping so that you don't have to make them with kids underfoot.
  • One inch balls- not one and a half inch! I made them too big, even though I thought I'd made them small enough and my sister had to go back and remake them smaller. (Thanks, Elisabeth!) Fun times!
Good night and see you soon!


Elisabeth said...

They turned out cute, Bethany! Can't wait to have one!!!

Jessica said...

Wish we could be there!! It looks like it's going to be fun! You guys could make a giant captain hook & play pin the hook on the pirate!!
The girls really like this new Disney Cartoon Jake & the Neverland pirates. They got a huge kick out of Diego's invite!

mpoffman said...

So cute! You're such a good Momma! And what can I say about Diego - a boy after my own heart and quite the artist. He makes me proud in so many ways!!!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! Your cake balls turned out amazing!

Emily B. said...

Adorable! You do such a great job!