Friday, July 8, 2011

From a Can?

While I was busy trying to figure out how to make churros for the Mexican-themed Fourth of July party at Jason and Wendy's, I paused in wonder and amazement as I read a comment under a recipe. Could it really be true? Was it really that easy? I googled it and sure enough! it popped right up! "boiled can of sweetened condensed milk" I went back to the original comment I read and boiled it for 90 minutes which wasn't long enough.

So, I began to research some more and then tried it again... this time with 3 cans (so I could take a couple to the party), I covered them with water, but the lid on (because they can explode if they're not completely immersed) and boiled 'em for 3 and a half hours.

And then I had it! Dulce de Leche! Beautiful caramel color!

And super good on churros!

And I bet it wouldn't be bad from the spoon either...

Yep, pretty luscious that way, too!

And now, I'm off to make an apple pie with the rest of the can, before I eat it all with a spoon!

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Disclaimer-- I've read that all you have to do to avoid explosion of a can is keep it completely covered and I didn't have any problems like that, but I'll probably try this technique next time!


Ali said...

YUM!!! I am so trying this now

Vivian said...

I've made that before!!!Tastes just as good as the already made store bough and cheaper!