Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Five Years

How is it possible that this little one is five? When did that happen? Where has the time gone? How do I make these days slow down so I can breathe them in more fully?

I can't. As much as I want to put a brick on his head. It wouldn't work. And just as quickly as these five years have gone, so too will the next five. And the five after that until there's a young man looking at me through those same gorgeous dark eyes.

He is one of the three reasons that I'm no longer working. I seem to be impressed again and again with the truth that my kids are the mission God has given me for this season of my life. God knows I need daily reminders of this truth. Recently, I was reminded again through this post. Again through studying Nehemiah. And again while working on my porching and reminiscing about my foreign missions travels.

Deuteronomy 11:19 tell me I should teach God's Word to my kids "all the time--whether you're at home or walking along the road or going to bed at night, or getting up in the morning." My kids are my highest calling. Ever. More than any work for the church I have done. More than my call to missions work in a foreign country. Those calls are high and honorable and full of God's work. But other than myself, there is no one for whom I will be held more accountable when I stand before my Heavenly Father. And I so desire God to look at my children's lives, to look at their love for Him and His Word and say, "Well done."

Today is the fifth anniversary of that calling. Five years of failures and triumphs. Five years of smiles and sadness. Five years of dirty diapers, wiping up spills, nursing, potty training, reading picture books, illness and coloring books. Five years of learning to be more dependent on God as I have little ones depend on me.

Thank you God, for this wonderful boy you have entrusted me with! Thank you for providing me with supernatural wisdom and strength when I am lacking, and for new mercies each morning when I fail! Give me the ability to raise Diego in the fear and knowledge of You!

Happy Birthday, Diego. You have blessed me with your presence, your smiles, your hugs and besos, your tricks, your silly dances, your funny sayings and your understanding of God's Word! You are an answer to prayer and a true treasure!

Love, Mami!


Ella's Mom said...

I feel every bit of your post today. Happy Birthday Diego!!! But for me it's also 5 years of your friendship. Thank you God for putting us into each others path!!!

Emily B. said...

Diego is truly a treasure of a boy! We love him with all our hearts. And I want to tell you "Well done"! I see your children and how you love and teach them well and know you will hear that from Him as well.

Mindy Harris said...

besos from all of us, diego! u r gorgeous!

Elisabeth said...

You're a great mom Bethany and I'm so glad God gave us Diego too. He's an awesome little boy!