Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Girl

Can be so bold and sassy and outspoken at home.

 And then horrifically shy when out and about.

Now that Diego's moved to a different area, I'm having a hard time getting her to go to Sunday School.

Evie wasn't at BSF last week, so this week she didn't want to go back.
"I don't like anyone except Evie," she told me. "I don't know them."

And when there's more than one other playmate, she's usually the one left behind to play at mama's feet. She shies away and doesn't join the other two.

And this mama's heart is worried. 
Worried that she'll hang back and always be the one left behind. 
Worried that she sometimes seems sad.
Worried that tonight she'd rather sit by Mama than her Yaya.
Worried that her tender little heart has been somehow hurt. 
Worried that I'm a little to worried.

Am I missing something obvious that I need to do with her?
Any advise from the experienced mommas out there?

Sure love to hear it!

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Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

so precious! if only we could all still get away with wearing dresses that short!

Elisabeth @ said...

It's o/k Bethany, she's going to get by on her looks! Don't worry so much, silly.

ss fashion world said...

cute little dress !
great blog:)
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