Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Day at Disney

Little Man, you giggled through It's a Small World After All... loved all those chubby little faces! I loved watching your eyes shine with delight at the colors, sounds and sights all around. You were exceptionally good. But really didn't sleep the entire time you were there. Except while nursing. At which you took a couple of fifteen minute naps. There was just too much for you to take in and you refused to miss any of it if you could help it. By the end of the day, you were sick of your stroller... I think it was too conducive to sleep for your tastes at that moment. It was so much fun to watch you discover!

Eliana, your eyes sparkled at the princesses, but honestly, you just wanted to know about the castles. (I guess you love unique and large pieces real estate just like your mama.) You told me you loved all the princesses... except that one that threw trash on you and that next time you saw her you'd throw trash on her. "What?"... and then I realized you were talking about the fairy godmother that showered you with glitter confetti as she went by in the parade. When I tried to convince you that it was pixie dust, you quickly rebutted with: "I can't fly!" Little girl, you make me laugh so hard I cry! I love you!

Diego, your favorite part was the rides... you went on some pretty serious ones! You're growing up and met all height requirements for anything you thought you wanted to ride. You told me all of the rides were your favorite part, except for the "one with the Christmas song over and over" (it's a small world). That ride was too long and boring for you. You loved the Peter Pan's Flight and Splash Mountain rides though! You also monopolized the time with the princesses at the meet and greet session. Your uncle Josh thinks you'd be excellent at Speed Dating. Oh my! It was pretty ridiculous... I loved watching you with them. You are a funny guy!

This trip has been so much fun, but so difficult to make without your papi here. We are grateful to Yaya and Grandpa for taking us and it was so much fun to watch you play and experience Disney World with your cousins, but it will be good to be back home in a few more days and see him once again!

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Michelle said...

You are making great memories!