Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hitting the Ground Running

This is the mother of all weeks. Not only do I have the after-vacation explosion of suitcases to deal with (you mommas know what I'm talking about, right?), but this is the week that everything begins for us. BSF-tomorrow, school-Thursday, Diego's soccer practice Thursday evening, home school group- Friday, first soccer game- Saturday.

Am I ready? You bet not! Will we muddle through? Of course, but not without a complete revolt from my body. After writing the first week and a half of lesson plans in the car on the way home, installing the new printer that came in the mail yesterday, getting etsy stuff ready to ship off, and dealing with part of the mess that threatens to completely envelop us, my brain had enough. I woke up this morning with a stinkin' crazy migraine. Tried to make coffee, but couldn't see the cup and the jug well enough to pour and poured half a cup of milk on my pant leg and another half on the floor. Finally got it made and my stomach was doing too many flip-flops to actually drink it.  "Too late, too late!" my head screamed at me.

Fortunately, my super hero husband stepped in and took over the kids. Finally, after taking two, and then one more 'cause I couldn't remember taking the first two (woah! that's bad) Excedrin Migraine, and sleeping on the coach while the kids quietly ate their breakfast far away from me, I'm recovered. Apparently three and a nap is the trick for a super-speedy recovery. And we were ready to go for the afternoon. So, the zoo sounded good so I could escape the mess of clothing that still exists in my living room for a while. Now, off to conquer mount living room mess!

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Michelle said...

This is definitely a busy busy week for us too!! Sunday night I took a deep breath and tried to tell myself to just take it one day at a time this week. Monday was rough!! Tuesday was better. Here is is Wednesday and I'm still alive!

Hang in there! See you Friday!