Monday, September 5, 2011

Sharing a Room


I'm sharing a room with my kiddos this week as we're in Florida together. I can't sleep. I'm just too thrilled listening to their little breaths in and out. The little whistle from Cruz's congested nose. Eliana's snore before she rolls to her back. The flutter of smiles (I wonder what their dreaming about). The little whimpers (prayers for peaceful sleep). All of it. Wonderful sounds. So thankful for these little ones who challenge me. Brighten my days. Make me exhausted. Fill me with wonder at the beauty and grace that God extended to Jesse and I when He allowed each of them to enter our lives.

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Emily B. said...

This is beautiful sensory-filling imagery Bethany. I love that these babes have a mami and papi that love them so! God is so good.