Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wichita Area Eats

What has happened to this week? My, it's flown by. I feel like I've been in a whirlwind of trying to finish up my job, spend time with friends over Memorial Day Weekend and get my family and I ready for my departure for Mexico City!  There's been shopping for clothes to wear... is it just our family or do you also feel like you need to buy a completely new wardrobe before you go on vacation? Anyway, I found this hat for Cruzito.

But there's been papers to file and get notarized, arranging childcare for my other two and oh yes, we're still trying to finish up school. Woo! It's been crazy, but I wanted to share a couple places to eat with you.

I especially wanted to show them both to you since I don't think it's easy to find anything like them elsewhere:

First, up- The Breadbasket

They have a wonderful Mennonite German buffet on Friday and Saturday nights that includes things like some of the best sausage ever, mild horseradish,

cheese verenika with ham gravy, 

moos and (something you probably won't find most places) bohne berrogi. Because of the time the Mennonite community spent in Prussia before moving to the States, they've developed a cuisine that's an extension of German food rather than German-- although, that is what the buffet is called... and I believe that bohne berrogi is one of those things that come out of the time away from Germany--

smashed pintos inside a roll and covered with a sweet cream sauce. 

Yum, and so different than anything else I've tasted! The buffet is only about $11 for adults and 6 and under eat free.

Nu-way in Delano (the original) is where my granddad worked as a boy during the depression. 

My momma's daddy, that is-- his name was James and is who Diego is named for.

I love being able to take my kiddos here and share with them a bit about this man they never had a chance to meet. 

Their slogan: "Crumbly is good." And it is... their burgers are made from crumbled ground beef.  They also have real limeades and make their own root beer. 

Alrighty, I'll hopefully blog again before I leave, but I'm off to organize a bit more for the trip! Have a great day!


Stefanie said...

Mmmmm I love me some Nu-way! I'm thinking I'm gonna have to take my hubby to the breadbasket.

Elisabeth said...

WHAT??? You went to the Breadbasket without me??? And you didn't tell me??? You are in big trouble missy!

Jessica said...

Josh will be drooling over these pictures this afternoon :)
I know I am!