Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Isn't paper amazing? I am intrigued at the many facets of paper and the ways it's used for art and craft. Tonight, I spent time with my momma  (and sister for a while, too!) cranking these puppies out!

This is the start of a larger project, but for right now, it's good to have this portion done and out of the way.

They will add a lot of color to this weekend's wedding reception for very little cost. I think the packet of 100 sheets of tissue is around 8 dollars at Michael's (less if you have a coupon). Wire and scissors round out your supplies for this project.

First take 2 half sheets of your first color and 2 half sheets of your second color and stack them. Then, using 2 quarter sheets of your third color, cut a fringe on both long sides and then place on top of the other colors.

Accordion fold your papers together.

Find the middle and twist the fold together with 12 inches of wire. Then, cut the ends of the folded paper... sometimes I do a pointed cut, sometimes a round, whatever you want!
(Sorry for the blurry pic, Cruz decided this was the moment to need attention! Hopefully you can get the idea.)

Fan out the folds.

Gently pull the third color to the inside of the flower creating the center.

Pull each of the second and then first colors toward the center, one sheet at a time.

Finished product!

Hope your Tuesday was Terrific, hope to see you tomorrow!

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Michelle said...

Our Spanish curriculum had us doing various art projects and cooking. All the supplies are included. Anyway this was one of the projects we did! They were fun and so colorful!