Monday, June 27, 2011

Strained Peas (and Other Such Goodness)

This little man pulled himself to a stand at the staircase today. (Hello gate at the stairs; goodbye ability to relax for even a second.) Is he really big enough to do this already? It must be all those strained peas (and other such goodness from a jar that I’m not even willing to taste) that have made him so strong. 

Speaking of goodness from a jar… “Hello, I’m Bethany, and I have a problem. I can’t throw away old jars.” Seriously, it’s bad. Fortunately, I’m one to feed my baby mashed table food more often than not, otherwise it’d be worse. But I went upstairs this afternoon and grabbed my on-going collection of baby food jars… some of them from Diego. (He’s turning 5 next month… I’m so embarrassed to admit this.) But I just knew that someday I’d have a purpose for all of those jars. Oh my, I sound like someone from who came out of the depression… oh wait, we’re in one again. Never mind, maybe you all are just like me then.

SO, if you’re like me and have turned into your Grandma Myrtle (or whatever your grandma’s name was), already at the ripe age of 32, then follow along because this post is for you. And if you’re not, then well, you can stop reading here or proceed to read and then decide if you want to start collecting old jars too.

Right now, there are a hundred and one colored jar projects out there to choose from--see:

The good thing is, that probably, you already have all your painting supplies at home: Elmer’s glue, water, food coloring and paint brushes. I used about a 2-1 glue water ratio, maybe I should have used a bit less. And I also a 2-1 blue-green food coloring drops; I did like the color I came up with.

Paint and dry- even the kids were able to help… which is good because I’ve only done about 20 and I’d like to do another 35. What am I gonna do with them? Well, you’ll have to wait and see, but I have a few things up my sleeve. 

Hope your Monday’s been Marvelous!

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