Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Summer List

This is the second year I've been envious of Meg Duerkson's Summer Family List. But this year, it was time for my family to have a list, too... I thought the kids might be old enough to help create one!

Kinda fun... many of the things on the list would have happened at some point any way, but one thing-- the Thank You Party-- kinda surprised me. I'm still not sure exactly what Diego has in mind, but I'm always game for a party.  And the party pooper (aka. Jesse) didn't nix the idea of an extra party thrown in the mix, so I snatched it up. It was also nice to see Jesse throw a few things on the list that I hadn't thought he'd have wanted to do... Tankanyika being one of them. Cool! Okay! Eliana's list additions were simple things like go to the library and the park.  I was somewhat worried that they might list something big and expensive that we couldn't do, but they did well!

We have some room to add some extra things-- any ideas?

Here's some vintage pretties that have me thinking of other things to do this summer-- or maybe we'll save croquet until they have learned not to clonk each other in the head with things. :/

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Michelle said...

My grandma has those thermo cups!! Also, I, too, decided we needed to follow in Meg's footsteps and create our own summer list. I wrote ours out in rainbow color style with crayons on graph paper. The boys had fun coming up with things to do! I definitely think this should be a family tradition!

Mandy said...

Thanks so much, Bethany! I really appreciate your prayers. :-) And, I love that summer list! So cute! We did something similar I am going to post eventually. I got here from Pinterest! I love that you're on it too. I am kind of pretty things!!