Friday, January 21, 2011

Living Water, Ping, and Friday Favorites

This week we've been studying the letter W and water-- sort of an extension of last week with Octopi and Oceans.  Our Bible Concept was: "Jesus gives my spirit living water to drink."  Some times I wonder how much my kids are able to understand all these spiritual concepts... I mean, hey, the woman at the well had a hard time comprehending and she was an adult and had God Himself explaining it to her." My kids (ages 2 and 4) with only their sleep-deprived mama to explain it to them are at a serious disadvantage here.  Nevertheless, it thrills my heart to watch the smile that spreads over Eliana's face because she remembers the Bible Concept and can quote it to you! To die for, I'm telling you, it nearly makes me cry every time.

It's funny how life works.  Diego was telling Jesse just this morning that if he ever wanted to avoid discipline he could run and hide under the bed. (I love how he tells us his hiding spots, still.) Jesse was trying to explain to Diego that running away from discipline is never a good choice because inevitably, it will bring more trouble.  Flash forward to school time and I pull out this book:

It has been a long time since I've read this; I took it out of my mom's library last night because I needed it for today.  I remembered that I loved it dearly as a child, but couldn't remember much about the story line... only that it was about a duck that lived in a boathouse on a river in China.  Oddly enough, Ping decided to run away from discipline and got into more trouble when he did so. At the end he learns to take the discipline he needs to receive- "SPANK!" (It was definitely written at a different time... PETA probably hates this book.) After reading it again, I've got to say, I love it, love it! and I need to get my own copy to have at the house.

We painted pictures of Ping, after we were done reading. (Eliana got out the black for the water again... must take her to see the blue ocean this summer.  My momma is right, the Arkansas River is not the place to learn about the color of water.) Diego was getting frustrated that his blue wasn't dark enough... he wanted to have a night time sky.  So, he learned how to mix blue with purple to make it a bit darker.  Then he was upset that you couldn't see the trees in the skyline, so he learned to paint black over that to create shadows.  By that time, Eliana had been done for a while, but when she saw that we were using black for shadowy trees, she decided she needed to do the same. Of course!

I need to find painter's smocks for the kids, I've decided. She always ends up with paint all over her clothes.  Something to start looking for, I guess!

Have a great weekend all... and if you'd like to, take a closer look at my Friday favorites, here!

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