Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Photos

Our Christmas celebration started at Thanksgiving and is just now wrapping up (I've got to start taking down the tree tomorrow, folks).  My brother's family arrived on Thanksgiving Day and we had a whirl wind of a week celebrating and enjoying family as much as possible.  His girls are getting so big, I had to keep reminding myself that his baby is just a couple months away from being two- not much of a baby anymore.

One of the best things that we did while together was getting family photos done.  Okay, I'll admit it, I went in kicking and screaming.  What I thought was going to be a cousins photo with just the kids ended up being adults too, and right now I'm not just loving my body- post 3rd baby. Bleh!

But I'm so glad we had them done. My dear sweet friend and cousin, Emily, took them and she did a great job with so many wiggle worms. 

And I ended up with family photos I could use for Christmas cards... bonus!

My sister and her family have to be the most photogenic people I know.

My brother and his girls... see, I told you the baby isn't a baby anymore.  Don't you think it's time they try for another?  Maybe a boy this time?

Usually when a camera points at me my face does something incredibly ridiculous; I get this disease from both of my parents. But Emily was able to get several good shots of my parents together.

I love this photo of Finley snoozing away as Cruz throws a huge hissy.

And this one of Eliana so intent on her candy sums her up completely at this point.

So, that was the beginning of our holiday season... maybe I'll share some more of it, but we'll see.  I need to start school again with Diego and go back to work. Whew! What a way to start 2011!

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Emily B. said...

Aww, thanks sweet girl! Missing you guys and loving the NY's pics! We're recovering from sickness and anxious to see you, maybe Thursday?! Cruz already looks bigger! You do have alot to jump back into with work and school... busy girl!