Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I LOVE this Time of the Year

I've been to all 4 Targets in our area in the past 24 hours...I do that this time of the year.

I try to calculate what sorts of clothing my kids are going to need for the next year.  (Sometimes 2 years, if I find really good deals.) And I buy and store away for the next fall and winter.  When sweaters and jeans are $2.50 (not just any jeans- I only buy pants with the adjustable waists... I learned my lesson on that early), I'm ecstatic!  I love sales and they're starting... so, head out and enjoy the sales, ladies (and any gentlemen who read my blog and buy clothes for their kids?)!

Note: Boys' clothing seems to be more plentiful (and cheaper) than girls' clothing this year, but there are bargains for all.

This is Diego's first self-portrait...

He's crying.  Why? It could be because he got in trouble, or it could be because he's been on a Target shopping marathon.


Ella's Mom said...

I am so with you there!!!!... I was thankful that Ella hit a growth spurt over Christmas and out grew all her blue jeans when she did. Had to but a couple regular price, but got enough to get threw till next years sales I think!

Michelle said...

I too love to buy clearance clothes for the next year! It saves so much money!