Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Buds

I'll admit it...they often fight like cats and dogs.  And it drives me crazy when they do.

But most of the time. This is how they are.

Sweet, perfectly sweet. I love to listen to their conversations... it cracks me up.  Eliana often repeats everything Diego does.  (Or does exactly the opposite- just depending on her mood.) He takes care of her; she adores him.  They love to play: house, santa claus and reindeer, pirates, Go, Diego, Go! and Alicia, and a million other games. (They think maybe they'd like to get married when they're older... in spite of the fact their parents repeatedly tell them they can't.) They make each other laugh and have inside jokes that Jesse and I don't quite understand. Their love for each other is obvious and that is why we'll have another... at least if things go according to our plan.

Because while the bunny might suffice for today, eventually, he's going to need a best bud of his own.  Everyone should have a best friend... and who better than a sibling?

"What were you saying, Mom?  We didn't hear you because we were in our own world?"


Joshua said...

Good photos and a great story. I found myself trying to wipe that stuff off my screen half way through though. Thank you for taking care of us the other day. The twins immediately went to work assembling an entire pile of cards to send to Diego and Eliana to thank them for sending us pizza. But they didn't understand why they didn't just bring it themselves. Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon.

Emily B. said...

Their's is a really special relationship. But yes, lets keep it a sweet special by not becoming sister-wife and brother-husband! ;)

Wendy said...

heeheee-- I was also trying to clean my screen. I stopped after reading the comment above. ;)

Such sweet, sweet pictures. My kiddos also go between being best friends and fighting like crazy. Wish we could just get stuck in "friend mode"!

There were three of us growing up, and someone always ended up getting left out. I decided to stick to an even number of kids, and my four pair off perfectly. And they all have a fighting partner. ;)