Monday, May 7, 2012


How was your Cinco de Mayo weekend? Ours was busy and done with far too quickly! We did manage to grab some tacos and tortas from a taco truck at a Cinco de Mayo festival.  The kids wanted to stay for face painting but I decided the line was far too long for it being so hot!

I swore that it must have reached the 100s on Saturday and was alarmed when I realized it was only 84! Oh my, I'm in for a long summer if I'm dying in 80+ degree weather! (And I don't know what I was thinking when I got pregnant in time to bear through the entirety of the summer in my last trimester-- pray for me!)

Nevertheless, I was determined to do something special for the kids in honor of the Mexicans defeating Napoleon at Puebla, but it did have to wait until Seis de Mayo instead... although, I did start it the night before.

It was quite the involved project and if I'd read through the actual instructions instead of just looking at the photos, I might have not gone through with it because she does warn that it takes a long time. I would also follow her directions a bit closer I think... although I did like the sugar cookie recipe I used. And I'm rarely one to follow directions to a T. (It's probably the rebellious spirit within me.) Regardless, the kids had fun breaking open the little piñatas and finding the surprise within. If you do decide to make these, be prepared to spend somewhere between 4 and 6 hours in your kitchen, um-kay?

Will I make them again? Uh, we'll see about that after I'm not pregnant... maybe I can be convinced again. But if nothing else, I now am the owner of a donkey cookie cutter... which maybe I could use at Christmas?

Here's the lovely blog where I found the cookie directions! (Her's are much cuter.) Hope your Monday's been marvelous!


mpoffman said...

I can not believe you decided to make these. Wait, yes I can, but I don't know where you found time to do it! They turned out really cute, Crazy Woman (I love you).

Mindy Harris said...

you've got patience, girlie! i have been known to make similar recipes that take forever. it always seems worth it! so cute.