Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrating the Graduate

We had a cookout with so many of our friends and family this weekend to celebrate Jesse's recent graduation. My parents were gracious enough to host in their awesome backyard. Thank you, Momma and Daddy!

I, of course, did what I normally did and snapped only a couple of photos... the rest I stole from my niece's facebook page because the girl I typically put in charge of snapping pics decided to go to Florida this past weekend. Ahem.

Don't you love this dress? It's in the etsy shop, but it fit her so well and went with the party colors (yellow and blue) so, she just had to wear it! She's not convinced that it's for her... you know, if it's not purple I have a very hard time getting her to wear it right now. (Something about wanting to grow up to be Rapunzel or something like that).

Some of Jesse's family made it up from Tulsa... this is my great-nephew. Just to let you know, I'm really not old enough to have a great-nephew but the fact that I do makes me feel really old. But I love him anyway. And he... doesn't really know who I am, and could care less. But! he loves Cruz! They were too cute together this weekend!

Jesse's second oldest niece just graduated from high school!

We had a lovely time and we were so blessed by those who came out and spent time with us celebrating. I am completely floored by the grace that God pours out on us in the form of awesome family and friends... He really has been good to us!

In other news, my feet and ankles feel like overstuffed sausages from all the swelling... guess summer and my third trimester are in full swing now! How was your weekend?

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