Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Sister's Birthplace

Well, not really. I mean, you didn't think that she was actually born in (or at) the Keeper of the Plains, did you? Ahem.

She thought so. Well, at least for a long time she did. Apparently, there used to be a Wichita commercial on the t.v. when we were kids and when it came on my brother and I would tell her, "That's where you were born, Elisabeth." Or perhaps we said, "Little B" because that is what we called her back then. Anyway, we would go on to explain how we were both born in Nebraska and that she was born here. Unfortunately, there was also a photograph of the Keeper of the Plains in that commercial and she took it to mean she quite literally was born there.

"There's where I was born!" she'd shout as we'd drive by... since then the Keeper has been mentioned in a Rich Mullins song and had some major improvements done.

Tuesday night, we decided to take the kids to see their aunt "Biscuit's birthplace."

"There's where Biscuit was born," I told them.

"Really?" they wanted to know.

"No, not really... she was just a silly little girl who thought she was born there." I murmured under my breath. Some people are meant to have bigger and better stories than reality... Elisabeth is one of them. Let the kids try and figure out how or where exactly she was born out there.

And then, we waited for one of the improvements to be turned on... fire!

Pretty cool place to be born, if you ask me.


Elisabeth said...

Yep, that's right! Only the coolest of people are born there. ;) Glad you guys are having fun with that Papi of yours.

mpoffman said...

...and let me tell you, that is not an easy or comfortable place to give birth, but Elisabeth was SO worth it!