Sunday, May 20, 2012

Change of Plans

Our plans to spend yesterday in Tulsa visiting family fell through at the last moment on Friday night... little feelings were crushed in the process and floods of tears ensued. (Meeting up with any of Jesse's family does not happen on a frequent basis, so when it doesn't work out as planned, it is a big disappointment to everyone.) Even after assuring them that they'd come to see us the following weekend and that we'd find something to do here in town that would be fun... we still had a severe case of mopeys going on.

But we came up with a plan... last weekend we'd also had a change of plans to the day and had missed a birthday party at O.J. Watson Park. (Fortunately for me, I hadn't mentioned it to the kids beforehand so I hadn't had to deal with the same amount of crying as last night.) So, with the park still fresh in my mind, we headed down to make an afternoon of it.

The kids have been forever asking to ride on a boat... they see the row boats up and down the Arkansas as we're constantly crossing it and think that looks like a wonderful thing. (A couple of years ago, Diego asked for a row boat for his birthday... he didn't get it.) We took a paddle boat ride instead on the pond and that seemed to do the trick for them. I had fully expected to stay behind with the baby, but apparently he was permitted to go, too.

Pony rides for the bigger kids.

And then a train ride for everyone.

Cruz refused to hold on to my hand on the train... he made it perfectly clear that he would sit and hold the rail but in no way, shape, or form was I to treat him like a baby and insist on holding him or his hand. (He thinks he's big stuff!)

 And although we did miss spending time with extended family yesterday, it sure was nice way to redeem it by spending some fun time with our own little family! Thank you, God, for Your love and mercy and giving us just what we needed for the weekend!

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