Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yeah, So Maybe

Yeah, so maybe I've already posted about New Year's.

So maybe, I should just move forward from there.

So maybe, I should have shared Christmas a week ago.

But, here it is anyway.

A smattering of photos. We had lovely times. We had some really gross times.

We had a night or two where Jesse slept in one room with the big kids and I slept in another with the baby so we could help them "quickly" when necessary.

We may have infected everyone around us. It was the gift that keeps on giving.

It was a tired Christmas. But even with the sickness --it was good.

We were together. No one was in the hospital. No one was away fighting a war.

And our God came down and loved on us... in the midst of the sick, of the tired, of the weary.


Debby said...

I'm still posting about Christmas as well. Hope everyone feels better. I love the picture with all the little ones. Happy New Year.

Très bien said...

Christmas comes and goes too quickly to not keep posting about it!! :]
Thank you for you prayers and encouragement!

Elisabeth said...

I love the baby picture too and would like a print. Wish I could have been there. God is good and Christmas was good even if circumstances did suck. Love you!