Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rock the Clock

Diego and I made the piñata that we found in the Babiekins Magazine... it honestly was the fastest piñata I've ever made... mainly because it was made out of an gift box and there was no papier-mâché involved. I'm guessing all told it took about an hour and a half. We followed the instructions loosely and used old hymnal pages for the the white and gold tissue paper instead of craft paper for the circumference. I also pulled out Jesse's hot glue gun... which made it very fast to place on the paper.

We made ours a pull string in pinata because we didn't really think it was necessary to beat it to death for our 3-child party. Filled with raisins and fruit snacks because we have chocolate coming out our ears. Thank you Santa. And Yaya and Grandpa. And Jason and Wendy. My kids love you.

We started the evening going to look at the lights at Botanica with my sister and her family. (Of course, I left my camera at home! Gah!) It wasn't too cold, but the wind had picked up considerably so I'm glad I'd bundled the kids well. The lights were okay and the kids enjoyed them. But my favorite part of the night was Diego dancing down the walk to Mannheim Steamroller. Hilarious. Forever I will have his funny dance ingrained in my memory whenever I hear their music!

After a dinner of fried rice, we tried to take our last family portrait of the year around the dinner table. This is as good as it got. :)

Then time to "break" the piñata. The kids were thrilled and perfectly happy with the evening. And by 10:30 everyone (yes, the adults too) were snuggled in bed and on their way to dreamland. Staying up until midnight is highly over-rated... who am I kidding, this is me the night owl we're talking about. I have no idea why I wasn't up until 2, but I'll take it. Perhaps I'll turn a new leaf in 2012 and learn to go to bed at a normal time. Only time shall see!

Hope your New Year's celebration was just as special... and that you rang in 2012 appropriately for all of us sleepyheads!

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Michelle said...

I "big puffy heart" love that pinata!! It's so cute and would also be great to use for an Alice in Wonderland themed party!